Applaud Signing of Water Quality Clearinghouse Contract “While it’s taken a while to reach this point, Wisconsinites will soon be able to capitalize on the positive outcomes the clearinghouse will provide, including more economical wastewater permit compliance and cleaner water bodies.”
To Host Listening Session in Seymour on Monday, March 20th Representative Joy Goeben and Senator Robert Cowles are pleased to announce an upcoming listening session in Seymour. The listening session will take place from 4:00pm to 5:00pm on Monday, March 20th in the Muehl Public Library, located at 436 N. Main Street, Seymour.
To Host Listening Session in Allouez on Monday, March 13th Senator Robert Cowles and Representative David Steffen are pleased to announce an upcoming listening session in the Green Bay area. The listening session will take place from 4:00pm to 5:00pm in Allouez Village Hall, located at 1900 Libal St., Allouez.
Passing of Former Governor Tony Earl "I was saddened to hear that former governor Tony Earl passed away this morning. Governor Earl was a proud and innovative statesman for Wisconsin. His work on conservation efforts have left a lasting legacy for our state and one that I gratefully appreciate."
Saddened to Learn of Passing of Chancellor Rebecca Blank "Throughout her distinguished career as both an economist and university administrator, including nearly ten years as the leader of Wisconsin’s flagship university, Chancellor Blank demonstrated a lifelong devotion to higher education and public service."
Response to the Budget Address “The Governor unveiled a long list of ideas tonight, and it’s going to take weeks to sort through what’s hidden inside these hundreds of pages. We need to properly dissect this document and ensure any actions the Legislature takes will not hurt the taxpayers of Wisconsin."
Response to the State of the State Address "While there are investments across Wisconsin that deserve to be made in the 2023-25 State Budget, the best investment the Legislature and the Governor can make is in fiscal prudence, both for future budget cycles and for future generations.”
Supports Judges’ Ability to Protect Wisconsinites "SJR 2 ensures judges have more discretion to consider the totality of the circumstances and make more informed decisions on bail that will help to protect witnesses from intimidation, spouses from violent partners, and Wisconsinites from dangerous, repeat violent offenders."
Applauds LAB’s Work Over the Past Two-Years "As we kick-off the 2023-24 Legislative Session, it’s my hope that my colleagues, both in the Legislature and sitting at the helm of state agencies, will not attempt to inhibit nor discredit the work of the LAB."