Senator Cowles, Representative Snyder Applaud the Signing of 2023 Wisconsin Acts 44 and 45 “With the enactment of these new laws, DOT will be better able to help the young men and women entering our armed forces, auto dealers of all sizes, persons purchasing new vehicles, and law enforcement officers, all with just a few small changes to prior statutes. "
Senator Cowles, Representative Murphy Applaud Signing of Airport Safety Legislation "...[T]oday’s new law makes it easier for trained officials at our state’s many airports, both big and small, to simply do their jobs better, and keep our airports safe from the dangers of nuisance wildlife.”
Representative Tusler, Senator Cowles Celebrate Signing of Nuisance Wildlife Bill "With this new law, more municipalities – especially those in Northeast Wisconsin – will be able to gain access to grant funding to prevent damages and nuisances imposed by wildlife in parks and other areas of our communities.”
Representative Duchow, Senator Cowles Celebrate Signing of 2023 Wisconsin Act 43 "Among the costs imposed by funeral services, accountants, and lawyers, the death of a loved one can be financially taxing on families as they settle their affairs...Thanks to Act 43, families in mourning won’t have to worry about paying additional an emotionally difficult situation.”
Two Cowles Bills Pass Senate On Final Day of Fall Floor Session "Today’s action by the State Senate means we’re one step closer to delivering support to students across our great state...[and] we're continuing our progress in fighting reckless driving by offering additional protections for our road and rail workers."
Senators Wimberger and Cowles Celebrate Senate Passage of Senate Bill 312 "With the passage of SB 312 by the Senate today, we’re making substantial progress on delivering a comprehensive, targeted approach to fighting PFAS contamination that has been years in the making..."
Statement Following Joint Committee on Employment Relations Vote "Without action to resolve the pending UW System compensation plan, we may be accelerating the brain drain and creating new workforce retention issues at UW-Green Bay and other Wisconsin campuses in the near future."
Applauds Passage of Snowmobile Trail Aids Enhancement Bill "Through the changes to the current supplemental snowmobile trail aids program under Senate Bill 136, snowmobile clubs will be able to better maintain our most scenic trails without requiring the allocation of additional funds."
Wimberger/Cowles Statement on Committee Passage of PFAS Relief “Today’s vote brings us one step closer to delivering relief to people across Wisconsin affected by PFAS...our focus remains passing a good-faith compromise that delivers results for our communities."
Audit of the Finances at American Family Field Sorely Needed A proposal has been brought before the Legislature calling for a massive economic commitment stretching several decades. Before we further consider this proposal on its merits, we need to...have the nonpartisan Legislative Audit Bureau dig into the finances..."
WEDC Continues to Disappoint This Administration needs to take a long, hard look at the management of WEDC and ensure that swift changes are implemented. Ensuring statutory compliance, fiscal prudence, and transparency are the values at the forefront of WEDC’s mission, and its leadership is not displaying them..."
Senator Cowles Receives 2023 Lake Michigan Champion of Conservation Policymaker Award “I am proud to accept the Lake Michigan Stakeholders’ Champion of Conservation Policymaker Award. All of the bodies of water in Northeast Wisconsin – from Lake Michigan to the smallest ponds and streams – are vital environmental resources for our communities."
Applauds FERC's Decision to Protect Recreation On Shawano Lake "Shawano Lake is a dynamic recreation hub to visit and a fun and relaxing place to call home. This order is very welcome news to allow residents and visitors to continue enjoying their weeknights and weekends like they always have: safely on Shawano Lake."
Supports Budget Addressing Issues Raised by Constituents "This budget largely addresses the comments and requests I have heard from constituents across Northeast Wisconsin. I knew the benefits would be felt from Ashwaubenon to Wittenberg and everywhere in-between, which is why I was pleased to cast my ‘aye’ vote this evening..."
Applauds Signing of Marklein's Rural Roads Improvement Legislation “I want to thank the authors of Act 13, Senator Marklein and Representative Tranel…for getting this bill signed into law. I believe we’ll see the impacts of this proposal for decades to come in our communities and our economy, and I look forward to seeing ARIP in action in Northeast Wisconsin.”
Six Cowles Initiatives Passed by Senate Today "From easing military enlistment for high school students, making our airports even safer, and recognizing the work of local historical advocates, these wide-ranging efforts highlight the results we’re delivering for Northeast Wisconsinites."
Green Bay is On the Clock "While Green Bay and indeed the entire state is on the clock to ensure this major event goes off without a hitch, today’s action by the Joint Committee on Finance will help to ensure we have the basic resources for a memorable week.”
Champion State Support for NFL Draft "With a reasonable request to ensure the event goes off without a hitch and that we put our best foot forward, Northeast Wisconsin and the entire state would be able to see a great return on our investment."
Legislators Introduce PFAS Proposal “Since this issue emerged, we’ve heard from homeowners, local government leaders, business owners, and people who enjoy our great outdoors about how PFAS has impacted them and what they’re concerned about moving ahead. We’ve drafted this bill to directly address those real concerns."
New Law Helps to Clean-Up the Statutes and Best Utilize Available Funding “It is a matter of good governance to clean up the statutes from time to time to remove outdated and inoperative language which helps to ease the understanding and administration of these laws. Simply put, this new law is a simple step in eliminating unnecessary provisions from our state statutes."
New Bipartisan Law Promotes Better Farming and Cleaner Water "Wisconsin is already home to 34 producer-led groups with 807 farmer members covering 526,000 acres of cropland. Act 5 is a great step to help Wisconsin’s farmers with their important work. I want to thank all the co-authors and stakeholders involved with this legislation."
Rep. Goeben, Sen. Cowles Announce Joint Listening Sessions  Representative Joy Goeben and Senator Robert Cowles are pleased to announce two upcoming listening sessions on Monday, May 8th. The first will be in Hobart from 4:00pm to 5:00pm at D2, and the second will be at the Kaukauna Public Library from 6:00pm to 7:00pm.
Better Farming, Cleaner Water "Farmers are some of the state’s best land and water stewards, and a small bit of state assistance can make their best intent a reality. Assembly Bill 65 is a great step to help Wisconsin’s farmers with this work."
Announces Green Bay Area Listening Session Senator Robert Cowles is pleased to announce an upcoming listening session with other area legislators in the common room of Bay Port High School in the Howard-Suamico School District. The listening session will take place on Monday, April 24th from 4:00pm to 6:00pm.
Announces Shawano Listening Session Senator Robert Cowles ispleased to announce anupcoming listening session in the Shawano City Call community room. The listening session will take place on Monday, April 17th from 1:00pm to 2:00pm.
Community Corrections Program Audit Released "Public safety is too important for the callousness that DOC has shown to honest questions and critiques, including their dismissive response to the nonpartisan experts at LAB. DOC claims to be taking an evidence-based approach while simultaneously ignoring the evidence of their own shortcomings."
To Host Listening Sessions in Oneida and Little Chute Representative Joy Goeben and Senator Robert Cowles are pleased to announce two upcoming listening sessions in Oneida and Little Chute. The listening sessions will take place on Friday, March 31st in the Green Earth Brach Library and Little Chute Public Library.
Applaud Signing of Water Quality Clearinghouse Contract “While it’s taken a while to reach this point, Wisconsinites will soon be able to capitalize on the positive outcomes the clearinghouse will provide, including more economical wastewater permit compliance and cleaner water bodies.”
To Host Listening Session in Seymour on Monday, March 20th Representative Joy Goeben and Senator Robert Cowles are pleased to announce an upcoming listening session in Seymour. The listening session will take place from 4:00pm to 5:00pm on Monday, March 20th in the Muehl Public Library, located at 436 N. Main Street, Seymour.
To Host Listening Session in Allouez on Monday, March 13th Senator Robert Cowles and Representative David Steffen are pleased to announce an upcoming listening session in the Green Bay area. The listening session will take place from 4:00pm to 5:00pm in Allouez Village Hall, located at 1900 Libal St., Allouez.
Passing of Former Governor Tony Earl "I was saddened to hear that former governor Tony Earl passed away this morning. Governor Earl was a proud and innovative statesman for Wisconsin. His work on conservation efforts have left a lasting legacy for our state and one that I gratefully appreciate."
Saddened to Learn of Passing of Chancellor Rebecca Blank "Throughout her distinguished career as both an economist and university administrator, including nearly ten years as the leader of Wisconsin’s flagship university, Chancellor Blank demonstrated a lifelong devotion to higher education and public service."
Response to the Budget Address “The Governor unveiled a long list of ideas tonight, and it’s going to take weeks to sort through what’s hidden inside these hundreds of pages. We need to properly dissect this document and ensure any actions the Legislature takes will not hurt the taxpayers of Wisconsin."
Response to the State of the State Address "While there are investments across Wisconsin that deserve to be made in the 2023-25 State Budget, the best investment the Legislature and the Governor can make is in fiscal prudence, both for future budget cycles and for future generations.”
Supports Judges’ Ability to Protect Wisconsinites "SJR 2 ensures judges have more discretion to consider the totality of the circumstances and make more informed decisions on bail that will help to protect witnesses from intimidation, spouses from violent partners, and Wisconsinites from dangerous, repeat violent offenders."
Applauds LAB’s Work Over the Past Two-Years "As we kick-off the 2023-24 Legislative Session, it’s my hope that my colleagues, both in the Legislature and sitting at the helm of state agencies, will not attempt to inhibit nor discredit the work of the LAB."