Audit Evaluates SWIB Performance and Expenditures “SWIB has been granted more budget and position authority than other state agencies. As a result, I expect SWIB to use this authority to achieve strong investment performance and effectively manage its resources, both of which are important to WRS participants and employers,” said Sen. Robert Cowles.
Audit Identifies Lack of Monthly Bank Reconciliations “We need to have precise financial reporting. Everything depends on having accurate numbers from our financial reports. Ensuring that our reports are accurate and match the cash in the bank is no different than a family balancing a checkbook.”
Senator Cowles’s Statement on the Passing of Senator Rick Gudex “I am deeply saddened by the passing of Rick Gudex. Rick’s dedication and hard-work were the true mark of a great man who cared deeply for his community and his family.”
Brown County, Municipalities to Receive Additional $534,000 from Lambeau Sales Tax Revenues “I am proud to have worked on such important legislation for Brown County and that excess revenues collected are continuing to go into the community in a timely and effective manner. Our local officials have been diligent in determining the correct course to use these funds and I thank them for their dedicated leadership providing innovative ideas to utilize these funds for the taxpayers of Brown County.”
Audit Committee Unanimously Approves Audit of Veterans Home at King “We have a duty, not only as legislators, but as Americans to ensure that those who risk their lives for our country receive the highest level of care,” stated Senator Cowles.
COWLES RETURNS OVER 50% OF OFFICE BUDGET “I have always felt that the legislature must lead through example,” said Cowles.
Restoring Recycling Grants Proves Beneficial for Wisconsin Residents “Recycling in Wisconsin is not only important in waste reduction,” stated Senator Cowles, “but it makes economic sense. Building additional landfills or increasing the size of existing landfills should not be prioritized over revamping our successful recycling program.”
More than 91,000 jobs available on Just this week, State Senator Rob Cowles (R-Green Bay) toured the Green Bay Job Center, met with Job Center staff and clients, and attended an update seminar on the new website.
Audit Recommends DNR Improve Wastewater Permitting and Enforcement The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is required to ensure that these entities comply with the terms of their permits, which are issued for five-year periods. At the end of the five year permit cycle, those permits that are not reissued before they expire are administratively extended and become part of a backlog.
Governor Signs Combat Sports Safety Act This bill requires kickboxing and other combat sports to be regulated by the same rules on mixed martial arts. That includes requiring licensing of promoters and other officials, fighters to receive prefight physicals, and a ringside doctor to be present at the fight.
Justice for Children Bills Signed into Law “I hope that these bills with help children who have been abused and neglected find justice. It is unconscionable that someone would ever harm a child. Children have the right to live a safe and happy childhood free of abuse and neglect,” Senator Cowles (R-Green Bay) continued.
Sexual Assault Victim Advocate Bill Signed into Law Over the past year, the Department of Justice, the Attorney General, advocacy groups and Senator Cowles have collaborated on the “Justice for Children” package to address some major crimes against children and victims of sexual assault to provide them with an opportunity for better outcomes.
Audit Examines State’s Administration of $12 Billion in Federal Funds Today, the nonpartisan Legislative Audit Bureau (LAB) released its Single Audit, which evaluated state agencies’ administration of $12 billion in federal financial assistance during fiscal year (FY) 2014-15. Although state agencies generally complied with federal requirements, LAB qualified its opinion on compliance for 1 of the 24 programs it reviewed.
HOPE Agenda Bill Signings Statement Governor Scott Walker signed eight bills as part of the HOPE agenda around the State of Wisconsin. The package of bills are part of the larger HOPE agenda aimed to fight the growing problem of heroin and prescription opioid addiction. The bills range from changes to the prescription drug monitoring programs to banning drug masking agents used to pass drug tests.
Sen. Cowles Recycling Bill Clears Final Legislative Hurdle “It is important to be fiscally prudent with our state’s tax dollars, but understand that recycling grants in the state are not funded with general tax dollars, recycling grants are funded with tipping fees. These fees are assessed on waste that is landfilled in the state. Tipping fees are projected to generate $47 million each year of the biennium. These fees should be utilized for waste reduction programs like recycling.”
Paving the Way for Innovative Phosphorus Management “Our goal in introducing this legislation is to clean up our valuable waterways by greatly reducing their phosphorus input while still being mindful of water utility ratepayers and Wisconsin manufacturers’ need to remain competitive in a global marketplace,” Cowles said.
Bill Paves way for Titletown District Assembly Bill 612, which modifies certain aspects of the liquor license quota system and creates new liquor license quota exceptions was passed in the Senate with a unanimous vote, the bill now awaits the Governor’s signature to become law. This bill was crafted in order to promote economic development where opportunities exist while preserving the value of already issued liquor licenses.
Sen. Cowles Urges Caution on Spending “While the balance shows money in the account, I want to urge caution on spending at the end of session. Maintaining a positive balance is vital to Wisconsin’s financial stability. I have long advocated good budgeting practices and fiscal responsibility, and feel that this money is best left in the state’s general fund. ”