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Sen. Eric Wimberger (608) 266-5670

Sen. Robert Cowles (608) 266-0484

Wimberger/Cowles Statement on Committee Passage of PFAS Relief

MADISON, WI — Wisconsin State Senators Eric Wimberger and Robert Cowles issued the following joint statement after Senate Bill 312 successfully passed the Senate Natural Resource and Energy Committee:

“Today’s vote brings us one step closer to delivering relief to people across Wisconsin affected by PFAS. While paid Madison interests across the political spectrum try to tank this bill or use it as a vehicle to expand their power, our focus remains passing a good-faith compromise that delivers results for our communities."

In regard to disappointing comments from the Governor’s Office regarding the bill, the authors issued the following statement:

“We’re disappointed by the insincerity of the Governor and his political staff who are either ill-informed or are grossly misrepresenting the facts. Early on in the process, we requested a meeting with the Governor to discuss the bill, but were deferred to the DNR. Hours upon hours have been spent in meetings with DNR leadership, including two in-person meetings in just the past two weeks. On top of meetings, countless emails and phone calls with DNR staff and the Secretary, many outside of business hours, have further helped to push negotiations forward. These discussions have even continued over the past 24 hours. Each discussion has been in good faith, and most discussions have resulted in concessions to the DNR. For every ten items they requested, it's our belief roughly eight out of ten were addressed. If roughly 80% compromise towards the Evers’ Administration is not enough, then let’s get real and recognize that Evers, Payne, and their leadership teams only want their way or the highway. And their way will bring enforcement orders against local governments, farmers, and other parties doing the best they can. Instead of making progress on PFAS, we’ll scare away our partners and force hundreds of millions in costs on communities and landowners for contamination they didn’t cause and can’t afford. We’re in split government. It’s time Tony Evers recognizes that.”