December 6, 2023


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Senator Cowles, Representative Snyder Applaud the Signing of

2023 Wisconsin Acts 44 and 45


MADISON – Senator Robert Cowles (R-Green Bay) and Representative Patrick Snyder (R-Schofield) released the following statement after the Governor signed Senate Bills 123 and 124, which they authored with Senator Pfaff, into law today as 2023 Wisconsin Acts 44 and 45:

“These new laws signed today will solve a variety of transportation issues affecting citizens across Wisconsin,” Senator Cowles and Representative Snyder jointly stated. “With the enactment of these new laws, DOT will be better able to help the young men and women entering our armed forces, auto dealers of all sizes, persons purchasing new vehicles, and law enforcement officers, all with just a few small changes to prior statutes. We want to thank DOT, former Senator Petrowski, and Senator Pfaff for their work on these efforts.”

Act 44 was drafted at the request of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (DOT), after they heard from the U.S. Army’s Wisconsin Recruiting Command. Under recent armed forces policies, men and women were required to have valid state IDs to enter into and complete certain training programs. While permanent licenses are valid for a longer period of time, probationary licenses – which many high school enlistees hold – would likely expire during basic training. This law allows those entering the armed forces out of high school to receive a permanent license, rather than a probationary one, ensuring validity throughout the recruit’s training.

Act 45, also drafted at DOT’s request, allows DOT to issue temporary plates through electronic means to auto dealers at the time of sale. Under prior statutes, plates would typically be printed in bulk, shipped, and assigned to a dealer rather than a driver. The change in Act 45 would mean that plates would be printed at the dealership, allowing the temporary plates to be assigned to a driver in real time and assisting law enforcement in identifying the driver.