Welcome to Wisconsin! "We’ve seen record-breaking years in tourism in our state’s economy – over $25 billion was generated in 2023 alone – and we won’t stop there. The 2024 RNC and 2025 NFL Draft ahead of us are a sign of incredible times for Wisconsin’s tourism industry."
Audit Raises Concerns Over Sexual Assault Kit Processing Timelines "I encourage DOJ to promptly fill their vacant positions, including the positions approved in the most recent budget, evaluate their relationship with private labs that cannot act expeditiously with crucial evidence, and, if necessary, seek additional help from the Legislature..."
UW-Stout, Two Northeast Wisconsin Entities Among Focus on Energy Award Recipients "Homeowners, businesses, and government bodies should always be on the lookout for better ways to manage their use of energy. It’s better for their wallets, better for the environment, and may help lessen the burden of energy rate increases."
Representative Kitchens, Senator Cowles Observe New Developments at Peninsula State Park "I’m greatly encouraged by the new developments, supported by bipartisan investments from the Legislature that Representative Kitchens and I saw last Tuesday at Peninsula State Park – one of our largest and most scenic parks."
Radio Address on Financial Accountability "While we’re improving, we still have a ways to go...But right now, Wisconsin taxpayers can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that your state government is in a strong fiscal position."
Legislative Audit Bureau Earns New Recognition "With this Excellence in Evaluation Award under its belt – along with many other previous recognitions from nationally-renowned organizations – our state can rest easy knowing that the best of the best are working for Wisconsin.”
Explore Wisconsin's State Parks This Summer "There’s a state park out there waiting for you, and the Legislature has been working to improve your experience. Our state parks have a tremendous economic impact, bringing a massive boost to our tourism industry that goes right back into our local communities."
Senate Votes to Override PFAS Bill Veto "I believe the Governor was acting on wrong information when he decided to veto this bill, and as a result, victims of pollution throughout the state will continue to be on the hook, financially and legally, for contamination created through no fault of their own."
Positive News for Wisconsin Taxpayers "With debt retired early and additional debt issuance avoided, a strong reserve fund to address financial hardship, and no unfunded pension liabilities, Wisconsin taxpayers should breathe a sigh of relief that your state government is in a strong fiscal position."
Senator Cowles Sends His Thanks to Northeast Wisconsin “I’ve enjoyed the opportunity I’ve had to meet people in the State Capitol and throughout Wisconsin who share my love for the state we call home. From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank everyone who wakes up every day working to make our great state an even better place.”
Lakefront Revitalization Effort Signed into Law "Act 247 is a substantial step towards fixing this legal limbo by authorizing waterfront development plans...I was happy to help work on this legislation in my role as Committee Chair."
Senator Cowles, Representative Spiros Applaud Signing of Railroad Safety Bill "Act 159 offers enhanced protections for Wisconsin’s nearly 3,000 rail workers as they operate in designated work zones, helping to keep a vital part of our economy chugging along safely."
Senator Cowles, Representative Mursau’s Bill to Improve Electronic Recycling Signed into Law "Wisconsin’s E-Cycle program has been massively successful in keeping millions of tons of obsolete electronic waste out of our local landfills...Updating our guidelines under Act 108 will keep E-Cycle Wisconsin a modern, practical tool."
Senator Cowles, Representative Mursau Applaud Signing of Bill to Ease Wetland Mitigation "When a wetland is disturbed by development, the goal is always to mitigate close to the site of the discharge...Act 111 helps us to achieve [desired goals] by removing one of the biggest hurdles towards successful, high-quality wetland mitigation near the discharge site.”
Representative Tusler, Senator Cowles’ New Law Maximizes Value of State Parks Pass "This new Act simply changes statutes to help families receive a full twelve months of fun with their passes, regardless of the date of purchase, as they discover the wonders of nature throughout our beautiful State Parks.”
Senator Cowles, Representative Rodriguez Excited to See Cost-Saving Water Management Measure Signed into Law “It’s important that we give our communities all the tools they need to effectively manage their sewerage systems, and Act 106 adds another to their toolbox. Letting local wastewater facilities access Clean Water Fund financing will save money for utilities and ratepayers alike."
Representative Callahan, Senator Cowles Applaud Signing of Snowmobile Trail Legislation “Hitting the snowmobile trails is one of the most time-honored traditions to do during a Wisconsin winter...With the signing of Act 110, these bodies can now claim often-underused funds generated by snowmobilers to continue their work as good stewards of our snowmobiling trails.”
Vital UW Capital Project Funding Signed Into Law "From the new Engineering Building at UW-Madison to additional development work at UW-Green Bay, each of these projects will help to train generations of talented students, preparing them to become the leaders of tomorrow."
Senate Passes Vital Engineering Building Funding "Today’s vote will help to build important educational assets for Wisconsin’s economic prosperity, securing our state as a wonderful place to live, learn, and work for citizens of Wisconsin.”
Senator Cowles Applauds Senate Passage of Bill to Improve Wisconsin Electronics Recycling "The E-Cycle Wisconsin program has kept hundreds of millions of pounds of electronic waste out of our state’s landfills...Updating our electronic recycling laws will keep the E-Cycle Wisconsin program modern and more workable for collectors, recyclers, manufacturers, and consumers alike.”
Senator Cowles Celebrates Passage of Safe Drinking Water Access Legislation "Building on previous water quality work advanced by the Legislature, Senate Bill 58 opens up more eligibility for important grant funding to tackle these contaminants while ensuring proper oversight is maintained."
Senator Cowles Applauds Senate Passage of State Parks Pass Legislation "Frequent park visitors often choose to buy annual admissions stickers...Senate Bill 415 will provide a simple change in statute that encourages Wisconsin residents to maximize their enjoyment as they discover the wonders of nature in our state parks."
Senator Cowles Celebrates Senate Passage of Eviction Notice Bill "By extending the required eviction notice from 30 to 60 days under Senate Bill 155, more can be done to ease the worries of residents and their loved ones, and lessen the disruptions on their daily routine, as they prepare to move into a new facility."
Tobacco Debt Goes Up in Smoke, Saving Wisconsin Taxpayers Millions "Closing a portion of the state’s remaining tobacco settlement accounts provides $40 million in interest payment savings. This is a welcome decision for the financial benefit of our state’s residents, and will provide for better budgeting for decades to come."