Advocating for Survivors of Sexual Assault This effort isn’t just about providing justice; it’s about respect for the survivors of sexual assault. It’s about the assurances that their story will be taken seriously, and it’s about providing options to ensure the validity of evidence while allowing survivors to come forward when they’re ready.
A Budget Built for Northeast Wisconsin We were able to prioritize all of these services while providing a balanced budget and putting money back in the pockets of taxpayers. In short, I was proud to vote for the accountable and responsible budget, and look forward to seeing the dividends this budget will pay over the next two years.
Advancing Water Quality in Wisconsin Wisconsin is blessed with some of the nation’s most abundant, accessible and pristine lakes, rivers, streams and groundwater resources. As our knowledge of the water around us evolves, so must our actions to improve and preserve Wisconsin’s waterways.
Paving the Way to Highway Project Accountability Senate Bill 85 turns this audit into action by laying out several requirements of DOT for current and future major highway projects that will increase accountability and ensure that taxpayers are receiving the best highway transportation services at the best costs.
Protecting Consumers and Punishing Identify Thieves This legislation, which earned strong, bipartisan support, ensures that law enforcement and prosecutors have the legal authority they need to stop criminals before they place credit card skimmers and to properly punish thieves for stealing personal information.