JFC Rejects Locating a Youth Prison in Hortonia "I shared the concerns of these residents with members of the Joint Finance Committee, and I applaud them for listening and choosing to vote to reject this site. In doing so, JFC members stood with the over 700 citizens of Hortonia who signed a petition in opposition to this site."
Bill to Prevent PFAS Pollution Signed into Law "Real environmental progress often comes one step at a time. I’m pleased that the Governor weighed the merits of this bill over misleading and false political rhetoric when deciding to sign this into law.”
Water Quality Efforts Move Ahead in Senate Committee After two public hearings last week and an executive session followed by a public hearing today, the Senate Committee on Natural Resources and Energy has moved twelve efforts from the Speaker’s Task Force on Water Quality ahead. Four of the bills are led by Cowles in the Senate.
New Law will Further Revitalize Our State Parks “The water facility and infrastructure upgrades that will be completed will help to protect the health of millions of State Park visitors, preserve water quality in these pristine landscapes, and improve the experiences of those enjoying our public lands for decades to come."
Focusing In on PFAS Pollution in Wisconsin "The public data provided in these bills will help the Legislature and the DNR to create more sound policies that protect waterbodies, promote public health, and coordinate with our business community and municipal utilities."
SCHOOL Act Recommended for Passage by Senate Committee “After working with numerous stakeholders in recent weeks to address the constructive feedback provided at the hearing, these policies have been improved with amendments that provide the flexibility necessary for local decisions while still ensuring that children’s health is the top priority."
Parks Revitalization Act 2.0 Passes the Assembly “The water facility and infrastructure upgrades that would be completed under the Parks Revitalization Act 2.0 will help to protect the health of millions of State Park visitors, preserve water quality in these pristine landscapes, and improve the experiences of those enjoying our public lands."
Bill to Prevent PFAS Pollution Passes the Legislature "While Senate Bill 310 isn’t the whole answer to PFAS contamination in Wisconsin, coming together and finding common solutions to address this issue must start with restrictions on the use of PFAS firefighting foams that will prevent more pollution.”
Bringing Condo Association Leadership to the Table “By establishing a statutory process that gives unit owners a seat at the table when condo associations are obstructing unit owner’s ability to maintain their condos or when unit owners question decisions that affect their property, we can ensure that Wisconsinites’ property rights are protected."
Senate Votes to Reduce Childhood Lead Exposure “Senate Bill 424 looks to give our youth a brighter future by reducing lead exposure and giving parents and guardians the peace-of-mind that their kids will drink clean, safe water when they leave the house in the morning."
Two Bills from the ‘Bite Back’ Package Signed into Law "The problem of Lyme disease is growing and shows no signs of slowing as the number of cases annually has doubled in the past decade. I’m proud to see these two bills signed into law, and I hope that more of this package will receive a vote in the Assembly before the Session is adjourned.”
Promoting a Smart Approach to Reduce Flooding Events “Better preparation for flooding events today can help to save millions of dollars in damages tomorrow. This legislation simply ensures that we’re promoting preparedness through conservation while still ensuring that each project is in our community’s and our environment’s best interest."
Cowles’ Statement on Assembly’s Veto Override Attempt “While the original bipartisan Assembly vote (66-31) to send this bill to the Senate, and ultimately to Governor Evers’s desk, would have been enough to override a veto, this effort was thwarted by politics and failed along party lines."
Bill to Prevent PFAS Pollution Passes Senate Committee "This bill creates the necessary balance between reducing the dangers to human health and negative environmental footprint these chemicals pose while also preserving the ability of first responders to use an extremely effective tool to fight flammable liquid fires."