Ways I Can Serve You

As your State Senator, my primary duty is to serve as your advocate in the complex world of government. One of the greatest honors I have in my job is interacting with my constituents when I have the opportunity to commemorate their achievements. If your request falls under one of the categories listed on below, please follow the link for more information. If your request falls outside of one of these topics, visit the Write to Rob page and tell me how I can be of service to you.


Request Assistance

I am happy to help you with problems you are experiencing or questions you may have regarding state agencies or the state government. Many times these correspondences inform my actions in the legislature, and can even become the driving force behind new legislative proposals or votes on introduced bills.

To request assistance, please click here.

Legislative Citations

As a State Senator, I have the opportunity to honor extraordinary residents who have made a positive contribution to our community. That is why I am happy to present constituents with a legislative citation to honor their public service efforts or a special achievement. If you would like to request a citation for someone, please contact me.

Before contacting our office, please have the following information ready:

  • Name of the person receiving the citation;
  • Contact person and phone number where they can be reached;
  • Event information, including the date and time of event, and;
  • Background information to help capture all the wonderful activities of this person. Be sure to include any community service, participation in volunteer groups, or public offices they have held, if any.

Please email requests to Sen.Cowles@legis.wisconsin.gov or call our office at (608) 266-0484.

Student Activity Guides

Civic education should be near the forefront of every student's agenda during their development. To assist in learning more about Wisconsin and our state government, I have included four activity guides filled with crosswords, word searches and other thought-provoking exercises to help student's learn about the state we call home. Each activity guide is built with a grade level in mind, but I encourage anyone, including adults, to take some time and view one or more of these guides.

K-3rd Student Guide.pdf 

4th Grade Student Guide.pdf

5-8th Grade Student Guide.pdf 

High School Student Guide.pdf 


Senate Scholar Program

The time an adolescent spends in high school are some of the most formidable in a young pupil’s life. As they will soon be a member of the electorate and will be looking to choose a career field or academic field for continued education, the Senate Scholar Program gives selected high school juniors and seniors the opportunity to see if government service is the field for them. Not only will students get a taste of how the legislature works, but they will have a chance to build friendships, network and gain experiences that will last a lifetime.

For more information, please visit the Office of the Senate Sergeant at Arms.


Page for a Day Program

The Page for a Day program allows State Senators to sponsor three to four Wisconsin students per year to serve as a page in the State Capitol. Students must be in middle or high school and are required to be 12 years of age or older. It is the goal of the program for students to learn about state government and how it functions. In addition to performing legislative duties, pages will be able to observe lawmakers, lobbyists, staff and constituents that are all working together in the legislative process. Senate Pages will serve the members by assisting in the delivery of important information and messages to Senate offices.

If you are interested in applying, please contact my office and fill out the application with the Office of the Senate Sergeant at Arms.


Both American flags and Wisconsin flags are available for purchase. Both flags are made of durable nylon and are approximately 3 feet by 5 feet in size.


Wisconsin State Flags (60.5” x 36” Nylon)
$12.44 (without shipping)

United States Flags (61” x 34.5” Nylon)
11.55 (without shipping)

$6.65 – 1 Flag
$7.10 – 2 Flags
$8.60 – 3 Flags
$9.15 – 4 Flags
$9.45 – 5 Flags

To order:

Mail checks to: 

Sen. Rob Cowles
P.O. Box 7882
Madison, WI 53707-7882

Checks should be made out to the State of Wisconsin.

If you would like the flag flown over the Capitol in honor of someone, please specify the name of the person, the occasion, and the date you would like the flag flown. A certificate of commemoration will be mailed back to you with the flag.



Please contact my office  if you would like to receive a Wisconsin State highway map or Blue Book.

Tours of the Capitol

Madison, Wisconsin is home to the most beautiful and scenic state Capitol in the nation. Started in 1906 and completed in 1917, the Wisconsin State Capitol is located on an isthmus between lakes Mendota and Monona, and stands just a few feet shorter than the Federal Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. Each year over 500,000 people visit our State Capitol, including school groups, vacationers, federal legislators, architectural scholars, and foreign heads of state.

In addition to housing both the Wisconsin State Senate and Assembly, the Capitol is home to the Wisconsin Supreme Court, the Offices of the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Attorney General, and other supporting agencies and staff.

If you are in Madison, you will surely want to add a tour of the Capitol to your itinerary. Free tours are given daily starting at the top of each hour from 8 am to 3 pm year-round, with a 4 pm tour added during the summer months.

For more information on tour availability, weekend tour hours, or to book a group tour, visit the Capitol Tours website.