January 21, 2016


Sen. Cowles Urges Caution on Spending

Fiscal status shows $70.2 million in general fund

MADISON- Today, The non-partisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau released a review of the status of the state's general fund; a re-estimate of the state’s finances. The Fiscal Bureau shows the state has a net general fund balance at the end of the biennium of $70.2 million. This is a reduction of $94.3 million from the bureau’s previous estimate of $164.5 million balance. Senator Robert Cowles (R-Green Bay) released the following statement upon release of the re-estimate.

“While the balance shows money in the account, I want to urge caution on spending at the end of session. Maintaining a positive balance is vital to Wisconsin’s financial stability. I have long advocated good budgeting practices and fiscal responsibility, and feel that this money is best left in the state’s general fund. ”