March 24, 2016


Governor Signs Combat Sports Safety Act

GREEN BAY- Today, Governor Walker signed Senate Bill 599 into law. I authored this legislation to create a safer environment for unarmed combat sports, like kickboxing, Jujitsu, and Kung-Fu. I want to thank Representative Joel Kleefisch (R- Oconomowoc) for his hard work on this legislation and fighting for the safety of the athletes.

This bill requires kickboxing and other combat sports to be regulated by the same rules on mixed martial arts. That includes requiring licensing of promoters and other officials, fighters to receive prefight physicals, and a ringside doctor to be present at the fight.

“I am pleased to have this legislation signed and to have authored such an important initiative to ensure that these fighting events are safe for their athletes. Deaths, like the death of Dennis Munson Jr. in Milwaukee, which put this legislation into action, are preventable. Ensuring that some basic safety requirements are met will make these sports safer to participate in and avoid the unregulated and potentially dangerous situations that can result in avoidable injuries or worse,”.