January 12, 2015

Senate Passes Senate Bill 323 and 325
Providing greater protections for Children and Victims of Sexual Violence

MADISON- Today, the Wisconsin State Senate passed bills (SB 323 and SB 325) that will provide greater protections for children and Victims of Sexual Violence. These bills, authored by Senator Rob Cowles (R-Green Bay) are part of the “Justice for Children” package created through collaboration with the Department of Justice, the Attorney General’s office, and advocacy groups, address major crimes against children and victims of sexual assault to provide them with an opportunity for better outcomes.

Senate Bill 323 gives victims greater access to victim advocates during examinations and consultations performed at a hospital, as well as, during preliminary law enforcement interviews and during court proceedings. Providing victims at no cost someone who is there for their needs from beginning to end. We have found that survivors of sexual crimes who have received services from a victim advocate have experienced better outcomes and are in less distress through such a difficult and trying time.

Senate Bill 325 creates the new crime of repeated acts of physical abuse of the same child. This model has been very helpful in cases of repeated acts of sexual abuse. District attorneys have found that when a child has been abused multiple time they often forget details of the instances. This bill helps prosecutors convict the more grievous cases of physical abuse against children

“I hope that these bills will help the fight against such horrible crimes against children, provide justice and better outcomes for victims of sexual violence. I want to thank my colleagues for unanimously supporting this legislation and hope that my assembly counterparts do as well”, said Senator Cowles.