October 16, 2015

Cowles, DWD share demonstration of new website

GREEN BAY-Today, Senator Rob Cowles (R-Green Bay), with the Department of Workforce Development, gave a live presentation of the new, mobile-friendly website at Bay Central Job Center in Green Bay.

The newly redesigned site is available to employers and job seekers at no cost 24 hours a day. The site offers vastly improved usability to foster better site engagement and outcomes. The enhanced tools can now target in-demand careers and connect employers with job seekers who have skills necessary to fill their openings. The website utilizes new advanced skills matching features and integrates labor market information to allow both employers and job seekers to make more informed employment decisions.

“This new website will change the way people look for jobs in Wisconsin. The new features of the website and up-to-date labor market data give Wisconsin an upper hand in connecting employers with employees. I hope this will help to drive hirings around the state and fill jobs available today,” said Senator Cowles, co-author of the legislation to create the Wisconsin FastForward program (2013 Wisconsin Act 9).’s new features connect employers with a robust pool of workers based on skills the workers have experience in through previous occupations. The new website,through DWD’s Skills Explorer application, helps workers to identify new employment options based on like skills that the job hunter possesses. The new tools also identify veteran job seekers and assist those seeking employment with disabilities in achieving greater employment results.

“The new Job Center of Wisconsin website is really innovative and easy to use. With almost 100 thousand jobs posted on Job Center of Wisconsin’s redesigned and improved website right now and over 41 thousand posted resume’s, this website will be a great resource for those seeking employment and also those seeking employees,” Cowles said.

The Wisconsin Fast Forward program also provides grants to technical colleges and businesses to create worker training and education programs for high-demand fields and makes other investments to prepare workers for jobs available today and in the years to come.