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Robert Cowles
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    • 11/11/2021
      Celebrates Passage of Effort to Support Survivors “Sexual assault historically has been a notoriously underreported crime. Providing clarity and certainty to survivors with evidence collected from a sexual assault may lead to more survivors seeking justice and more successful investigations and prosecutions."
    • 11/5/2021
      Bill to Simplify Water Meter Project Regulations Signed into Law “Water meter projects are both common and necessary as meters may become less accurate over time, resulting in over or under billing. Act 86 makes a simple change to remove a costly, time-consuming, and unnecessary regulatory rubber stamp for these necessary projects by our local water utilities."
    • 11/5/2021
      Cowles/Thiesfeldt Bill Signed Into Law “The responsibilities placed upon local water utilities can make it a hard enough job without the delays faced in the regulatory processes. That’s why Act 85 looks to put a stop to these unnecessary delays by requiring that the PSC act on applications in a timely manner.”