Tuesday, June 30th: Economic Development Committee:

VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DXy23Ox0tzg&feature=youtu.be

SUMMARY: The group convened in person and online via Mid-State Technical College’s Microsoft Teams tool.

The committee reviewed what was known about timeline and details of the shutdown. Discussion was made of potential uses for the mill facility (in whole or in part) within the context of paper industry trends.

It was reported that the mill is being marketed for sale by Verso and that the company would meet soon with a marketing team.

Discussion was made of economic development in the Wisconsin Rapids area, and of the effects of the shutdown on forestry and logging in Wisconsin.

Rep. Krug outlined a series of contacts and actions that he asked committee members to take in regard to learning more about options for the task force assisting the community in locating resources to help the workers and their families, and also to assist however possible in the potential sale of the mill.