Wisconsin Rapids Together Task Force

Senator Patrick Testin and Representative Scott Krug chair the Wisconsin Rapids Together Task Force. The task force works to assist the community in accessing resources and assistance in the face of the closing of the Verso Mill in Wisconsin Rapids. The task force will also assist in exploring options for the mill and facilitating conversations on the mill's future.

Please see the links above for information, resources, and video of previous meetings as we work alongside you to move our communities forward.

Status Report: August 2, 2021

Representative Krug and Senator Testin introduced legislation to assist with the purchase of the paper mills in Wisconsin Rapids and Park Falls, Wisconsin. Legislation was introduced in both the Wisconsin State Assembly (AB 367) and the Wisconsin State Senate (AB 369), and sent to Governor Evers' desk for approval.

Unfortunately, Governor Evers vetoed AB 367 in its entirety.

We are disappointed in the Governor's decision to veto this bill, but remain committed to working with our colleagues and the Rapids Together Task Force to work toward a solution to the challenges facing this mill and the community.

We are encouraged by the continued discussions between Verso and prospective purchasers of the mill.

Read more about the Verso mill closing and efforts to assist the community on our “In the News” page.

The task force continues its work. Our page on “Upcoming meetings” has details of future meetings. Video links to our meetings are available.

If you have any questions please see contact information below for the offices of Senator Patrick Testin and Representative Scott Krug.

Representative Scott Krug
Rep.Krug@legis.wi.gov (608) 266-0215

Senator Patrick Testin
Sen.Testin@legis.wi.gov (608) 266-3123