Wednesday, June 24, 2020: Full Task Force


SUMMARY: The group convened in person and online via Mid-State Technical College’s Microsoft Teams tool. A live audio link was also available. 33 people signed in at the meeting and there were many others online. The meeting consisted of introductions of participants, as well as

  • Discussion of the issues and challenges facing the community
  • Discussion of the apparent timeline for the mill closure
  • Discussion of possible outcomes of the closure including a potential sale of the mill
  • Some discussion of developments and trends in the paper industry generally
  • Discussion of the impacts of the closure locally and regionally
  • Particular discussion of the impact of the closure on the state’s forestry and logging industries
  • Listing by the group of resources and contacts that need to be made to assist the workers and their families


All attendees pledged their support (and the support of their employers or affiliations) for the effort of the task force to assist in keeping the mill as a functioning facility to whatever extend that may be possible; to assisting the local economy in dealing with the closure; and in helping provide information and assistance to families and communities affected by the closure

Rep. Krug and Sen. Testin suggested that the group divide into three committees: an Economic Development committee, a Community Response committee, and a Forestry / Logging committee. Lists of committee members and their affiliations may be found on this site under “Resources for Committee Members” and then “Committees and Members.”

Participants were asked to volunteer for committees and a decision was made that the committees on Economic Development and on Community Response would meet in two weeks, i.e. on Tuesday June 30 and on Wednesday July 1 respectively.