Legislative analysts help legislators, their staff, and the public access information about state government and public policy issues. Research services range broadly and include the following:

  • Conducting policy analysis and offering potential alternatives
  • Locating laws, bills, administrative rules, committee materials, and voting records
  • Compiling and analyzing legislative statistics
  • Tracing legislative history and pinpointing the origins of statutes
  • Supplying historical context around past legislation
  • Identifying historical precedents for actions taken by the legislature or governor
  • Providing information on existing laws and pending legislation in other states
  • Assisting with research-oriented constituent questions

All research requests remain confidential, and all information provided is nonpartisan.

In addition to fielding research inquiries, legislative analysts also participate in long-term projects that provide specialized research on policy, history, and elections. The LRB circulates these projects’ findings in papers published both in print and online. Legislators are welcome to suggest future areas of investigation, whether related to or independent of current projects.