The Wisconsin Policy Project provides information and research services to assist legislators in developing public policy. Research analysts and attorneys gather information and data from other states, the federal government, and issue advocacy groups to assist legislators with public policy analysis, to provide public policy options, and to evaluate existing public policies. Research analysts and attorneys also present concise overviews of current Wisconsin and federal law, as well as case law.

The Wisconsin Policy Project also publishes a series of articles that address key public policy issues. These articles cover a wide variety of topics and are written in response to recently introduced legislation in Wisconsin, public policy innovations in other states, and state and local press coverage of current public policy issues.

All information and research services provided to legislators by the LRB are strictly confidential and nonpartisan.

Core policy research services
  • Conduct research and provide options on any public policy topic
  • Collect and analyze information on public policy issues
  • Compile state and federal legislation on public policy topics
  • Summarize federal and state law on public policies