Building Firearms and Weapon Policy

Open carry is not allowed inside of the Wisconsin State Capitol. 

Concealed Carry

The Wisconsin State Capitol houses all three branches of state government and each has its own policy on firearms. Firearms are not allowed in the offices of the Wisconsin State Capitol Police or in the Supreme Court. Legislative offices throughout the Capitol can choose whether to post a sign on their door to signify that firearms are not allowed in their offices.  

Assembly Policy

Except as provided below, an individual may carry a concealed weapon in any space within the State Capitol that is assigned to the State Assembly or the State Assembly’s members or officers, unless the individual is prohibited by law or Assembly policy from carrying the concealed weapon.

Assembly Representative Offices:

An Assembly representative may post a sign in a prominent place near the public entrance to the office, stating a weapon restriction for that office. The Assemly shall provide uniform signage for use by Assembly Representatives under this policy.

Representatives interested in posting a sign can contact the Sergeant’s office to have a sign placed (on the lower left hand corner of the glass of the entry door). The same signs are used throughout the building, they look like this:

 weapon sign.jpg