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There are a number of resources available for citizens interested in learning about the Wisconsin Legislature. The Legislative home page is a great starting point. From the home page you can look up who represents yousubscribe to bill proposal updates, find Session statistics, access the Citizen's Guide to participation in the Wisconsin State Legislature, and a whole lot more. The introfrequently asked questionsglossaryhelp and how to contact your legislator pages may also be helpful.  The Legislative Reference Bureau is another useful resource, where you will find links to the Wisconsin Blue BookWisconsin's Legislative Process information, and others. The Legislative Fiscal Bureau has in depth budget publications available on its website, as well as the role of the Joint Committee on Finance. has additional links including local, tribal, and federal government information.

This Wisconsin State Historical Society has a wealth of information about Wisconsin, including this page dedicated to Wisconsin history, including information for fourth grade students since that is when many visit the Wisconsin State Capitol and learn about our state's history. There are a number of other guides available to students interested in the Legislative process. The Legislature has two guides How A Bill Becomes Law booklets and Assembly Activity booklets. Students may also enjoy learning the state symbols of Wisconsin here.  

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