Press Credentials for Media Access

When the Assembly is in Session media access is limited to designated areas on the Assembly Floor for legislative credentialed members of the press.   

The Wisconsin State Legislature has established a process for members of the media to apply for legislative credentials in the Assembly and Senate. It is the intention of the Legislature to use the recommendations for credentialing media put forth by the Wisconsin Capitol Correspondents Board. 

Applicants can apply for a sessional credential (which lasts the entire biennium) or temporary credentials for set date(s). Please be prepared to upload a proof of employment (required for all applicants) and a photograph to be used on the credential (for sessional applicants). Examples of proof of employment include business card or id, letter verifying employment on employer letterhead, etc. For special events such as the Governor's State of the State Address credential requests should be made 24 hours in advance and picked up at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start time.  If approved the Sergeant’s staff will receive credentials that can be picked up at the doors outside the Assembly Chamber (with proper identification) on Session days.

Legislative credentials should be worn visibly and are required for entrance. Additionally, the Assembly has adopted rules including a provision on dress. Rule 26 (9) states, “While the Assembly is in session, on the assembly floor in the rectangular area bounded on 4 corners by the pillars in the front and the back of the chamber, members and other individuals should dress appropriately, which has traditionally been considered to include a coat and tie for men and appropriate attire for women. In this area, no member or other individual may wear an overcoat or hat.” Media seeking to be in this designated area should dress accordingly.  

Members of the media granted access to either Chamber are expected to abide by the rules and expectations laid out by the body. For special events there is limited access to the Assembly Floor and we encourage correspondents to plan accordingly.  When the Assembly is in Session prior to a special event the designated special event areas do not become available until the conclusion of regular session.

After the event and upon adjournment of the joint legislative session, the Assembly session also adjourns. After both adjournments (two gavels) are made, members of the media can then access the Assembly floor. 

All in attendance are expected to exit the Chamber in a timely fashion and be out of the building prior to its closing. We appreciate your cooperation.