Statement on Budget Passage “It’s a sad day in Wisconsin when we can’t even come together for the best interest of our children.
Statement on UW Budget Cuts “As a graduate of UW La Crosse and the University of Wisconsin Law School, I am frustrated to see that these severe cuts were approved by Joint Finance,” said Doyle. The measure is expected to be voted on by the budget committee late Friday evening.
Statement on SeniorCare “This program saves lives and it saves money,” said Doyle. “I have heard from so many of my constituents who have been helped by this program and I am pleased to be able to tell them that our efforts have paid off.”
Statement on Drug-Testing Legislation “Educating our children should be our priority. We should not be diverting our limited tax dollars from our schools to advancing a partisan agenda.”
Column on the Budget We can spend hours pointing fingers, but at the end of the day that does nothing to fix this serious problem. It is time to be grown-ups and make some tough decisions.
Invite to Education Listening Session “This event is free and open to the public,” said Doyle. “I look forward to getting a chance to focus on the important issue of education and hearing from my constituents.”
Statement on Badger-Coulee Decision “As we move into the 21st century, it is more important than ever that we ensure that our energy infrastructure is strong. The debate on Wisconsin’s energy future is far from over and I hope that my constituents will continue to play such an active role.”
Rep. Doyle Invites the Public to Budget Listening Sessions “This is your chance to let your area Representatives know your feelings about this budget and whether you would like to see changes or deletions to various portions of it,” said Doyle.
Rep. Doyle Disappointed by Cuts to SeniorCare in Budget “One of the things that the Governor didn’t mention last night in his speech was a proposed $15 million cut to SeniorCare” said Doyle.
Statement on the Governor's Budget Proposal “For every dollar of property taxpayer money that is put into the voucher program, a dollar is taken out of our public schools,” said Doyle. “We cannot afford to fund two separate systems, but that is exactly what this proposal forces us to do.”