Rep. Doyle Applauds Special Session Call to Accept Federal Funds Wisconsin is one of twelve states that has not expanded Medicaid. All across the country, red states, blue states, and purple states have all agreed that ensuring health care access to more people while simultaneously saving the state money. This isn't a partisan issue, it's a common sense issue.
Statement on the Resignation of Senator Jennifer Shilling It’s been absolute honor to serve alongside her over the past nine years in the legislature. She will be missed by those in Western Wisconsin along with those down in Madison who she’s made a positive impact on over the years. I am confident Senator Shilling will succeed with the her future role.
Wisconsin Legislature Passes COVID-19 Relief Bill While I was pleased to vote in favor of this bill today, it's been a little over a month since Governor Evers declared a State Emergency and it's a shame Wisconsinites had to wait this long for law-makers to act. I am proud we were able to finally take action to help businesses and families.
Rep. Doyle Responds to the Multimodal Local Supplement Grant Awarded to La Crosse County This is great news for our community. These bridges have been rapidly deteriorating and have become a safety concern for my constituents. Poor bridge conditions increase the cost of doing business and delay the delivery of our agricultural goods. This funding will certainty go a long way.
Rep. Doyle Seeks Nominations for First Responder of the Year Award Representative Steve Doyle (D-Onalaska) is seeking nominations today for the First Responder of the Year Recognition. These first responders could be police and sheriff officers, fire-fighters (paid and volunteer), and EMS personnel (paramedics/EMTs/volunteer first-responders).
ASSEMBLY PASSES REP. DOYLES’ BILL The Assembly passed SB 266, which was introduced by Rep. Doyle. Currently in Wisconsin, when a law enforcement officer dies in the line of duty, their family is notified a few days later that their health insurance has been terminated. Under this bill, families will no longer receive that call.
Rep. Doyle Responds to Supreme Court Redistricting Ruling Today the United States Supreme Court ruled on a pair of cases regarding whether congressional districts in Maryland and North Carolina were drawn with such partisan fervor that they violated the constitutional rights of individuals living in those districts who do not share that partisan view.
Rep. Doyle Responds to GOP Removal of Wildlife Fund Today, the Wisconsin legislature rescinded funding for the Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Program, a wildlife fund established in 1989 to preserve valuable wildlife habitat and natural terrains as well as protect water quality and expand outdoor recreation areas.
Rep. Doyle Medicaid Expansion Response Once again, “politics before people” has prevailed and the State Legislature has failed to provide no-brainer bipartisan support. 70% of Wisconsin supports Medicaid Expansion, a program which would have given Wisconsin $2.8 billion of its tax money back since 2014 and saved taxpayers $324 million.
Rep. Doyle Name Vice Chair of Suicide Prevention Task Force Representative Steve Doyle (D-Onalaska) has been appointed Vice-Chair to the recently announced Speaker’s Task Force on Suicide Prevention. The task force was created to study and create policy initiatives to reduce and reverse the trend of increasing deaths from suicide.