Rep. Doyle introduces common sense bill to protect schools MADISON – State Representative Steve Doyle (D – Onalaska) introduced a bill today that closes a current loophole in the law that makes it difficult to charge a person who makes a threat to use a firearm to injure or kill people at a school.
Rep. Doyle on DOT Audit Findings “The results of this audit are incredibly troubling for Wisconsin,” said Rep. Doyle. “Our roads are crumbling and the cost of repairing them is rising. This is a problem that the legislature needs to address now before things get any worse.”
Rep. Doyle: When is a Tax Credit Not a Tax Credit “Wisconsin families understand how to budget better than we seem to in Madison,” remarked Doyle. “When our families budget a certain amount of money for something, we stick to it. But in government, it doesn’t seem to matter when we go way over budget.”
Rep. Doyle's New Year's Column You know that one family member you can’t talk politics with? Now imagine there are 99 of them… Sometimes it feels like that when I go down to Madison. Gone are the days when Republicans and Democrats could come together to socialize after a hard day of debating on the Assembly floor. In the last few months our state and country have seen partisan divides reach new heights that few could have imagined.
Rep Doyle: Meeting at the White House is Productive If you had the chance to go to the White House to meet with top administration officials, what would you want to talk about? That was the happy dilemma I faced when I was invited to be one of eighteen state legislators from around the country to join in a meeting with top Obama officials last week.
Column: Do as I Say, Not as I Do Wouldn’t it be nice to make rules that apply to everyone but yourself? That’s kind of what we have done in Madison. Whether it is open records, open meetings or even ethics laws, our state politicians have carved out exemptions for themselves that leave me wondering what the heck is going on in Madison.
Rep. Doyle's Statement on GAB and Campaign Finance “Without a nonpartisan board overseeing our elections, we run the risk of repeating the mistakes of previous corruption scandals that sent members of the legislature and their staff to jail. Without regulation on campaign contributions, unlimited amounts of corporate money will flow into Wisconsin from outside of the state without any record. Unfortunately, because of these bills, the door has been opened for corruption in Wisconsin.”
Rep. Doyle's Statement on Justice for Children “We’ve had a number of cases in our area where a local District Attorney was not able to charge parents with the crime of child neglect when they were manufacturing, using and distributing drugs in the presence of their children,” said Doyle. “This proposal aimed to fix that situation to ensure that we have the tools we need to protect these kids.”
Column on Higher Ed Lower Debt As much as it pains us all to realize, summer is fading fast. Before you know it, kids will be going back to school. In a college town like La Crosse, the changing of the seasons means that nearly 3,000 new students will be starting their time at UW-L.
Letter to the Governor to Veto Changes to IRIS and Family Care I am writing to you today to urge you to veto the elimination of the Include, Respect, I Self-Direct (IRIS) program and the changes to Family Care in the 2015-2017 Biennial Budget bill that was passed by both the Assembly and Senate this week.