Senate Gallery Rules

Senate Gallery Rules, as established by Wisconsin State Senate for the 2017-18 Legislative Session

  1. You must be quiet at all times.

  2. You must be seated at all times.

  3. No leaning over and no putting anything over the balconies.

  4. No signs or other objects may be displayed. All signs must be left in the gallery vestibules.

  5. No reading of books or newspapers is allowed.

  6. No food or beverages are allowed.

  7. No tobacco products may be used.

  8. All electronic devices must be silenced and concealed.

  9. No laptops or other computers are to be used.

  10. No photography or audio recordings allowed. This includes video and still photography.

  11. Any violation of these rules may lead to your dismissal from the gallery or confiscation of items.

  12. These rules are subject to changes by the Senate Organization Committee at any time and without prior notice.