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District 1: Frank Lasee
District 2: Robert Cowles
District 3: Tim Carpenter
District 4: Lena Taylor
District 5: Leah Vukmir
District 6: Nikiya Harris Dodd
District 7: Chris Larson
District 8: Albert Darling
District 9: Devin LeMahieu
District 10: Sheila Harsdorf
District 11: Stephen Nass
District 12: Tom Tiffany
District 13: Scott Fitzgerald
District 14: Luther Olsen
District 15: Janis Ringhand
District 16: Mark Miller
District 17: Howard Marklein
District 18: Rick Gudex
District 19: Roger Roth
District 20: Dewey Stroebel
District 21: Van Wanggaard
District 22: Robert Wirch
District 23: Terry Moulton
District 24: Julie Lassa
District 25: Janet Bewley
District 26: Fred Risser
District 27: Jon Erpenbach
District 28: Mary Lazich
District 29: Jerry Petrowski
District 30: Dave Hansen
District 31: Kathleen Vinehout
District 32: Jennifer Shilling
District 33: Chris Kapenga


Our Mission

The office of the Senate Chief Clerk and Director of Operations provides non-partisan advice and support to the Wisconsin State Senate and Senate Leadership on diverse matters, including:

  • Parliamentary procedure and processing of legislation
  • Senate budget and finances
  • Facilities management
  • Legal issues affecting the Senate
  • Senate records

Is it a core mission of the office to assist Senate Leadership in protecting and enhancing the capacity of the Senate to effectively participate in the process of governing.

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