Floor Distribution Policies

Distributions to the Senate Floor

All distributions for the Senate Floor should be taken to Room 228 South. If you have a floor distribution from an outside organization, your Senator must sign one copy for our files. This signature indicates that the information has been authorized for floor distribution. It cannot go on the Senate Floor without this signature. The Sergeant's office will then stamp the rest of the copies with your Senator's name.

NOTE: This procedure must be followed for Representatives, agencies, the Governor's office, etc. Distributions on the Senator's letterhead do not need to be stamped.

In the Senate, we request that organizations provide the proper number of copies (40) for floor distributions. There is some confusion in this policy as the Assembly, being paperless, scans their distributions into their legislators' laptops and, therefore, do not require additional copies. If the Sergeant's offices does need to make additional copies for distribution, the office account of the senator authorizing the distribution will be charged.

Additionally, all distributions must pertain to the bills scheduled on that day's calendar. Questions pertaining to these procedures should be directed to the Senate Sergeant's Office.