Role of Messenger in Legislature

There are currently six full time positions on the Senate Sergeant's staff. Full time messengers are salaried, with regular State benefits.

There are approximately 15-20 (depending on session schedules) part time Senate Messengers employed by the Senate Sergeant. These messengers are part time, limited term employees (LTE) and are generally only employed for the duration of the legislative session. Most are students or recent graduates. Hiring periods typically coincide with the semesters of the University of Wisconsin, Edgewood College and Madison Area Technical College.


What does a messenger do?

The primary responsibilities of a messenger include responding to a Senator’s requests from the Senate floor during Legislative sessions, providing assistance at committee hearings at the Capitol and throughout the State, responding to requests from offices for messengers to run errands in the Capitol and out, help with bulk mailings, specialized mailings and other various projects, and carrying out all other directions given them by the Senate Sergeant and the Sergeant’s supervisory staff.

Senate messengers must be 18 years of age and have a high school diploma or an equivalent combination of training and experience. An application, accompanied by a resume, must be completed and returned to our office. Applications are reviewed and interviews held during hiring times.