January 16, 2024


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Senator Cowles Celebrates Senate Passage of Eviction Notice Bill                    

MADISON – Senator Robert Cowles (R-Green Bay) released the following statement after Senate Bill 155, a bill he authored with Representative Joy Goeben, passed the State Senate during Tuesday’s floor session:

“Too many of our senior citizens and their families face the scary possibility that they might be unexpectedly dislodged from their current residential care facility,” Senator Cowles said. “Facility residents are often accustomed to a routine of treatment sessions with familiar health care workers, as well as the friends and neighbors around them. Disrupting these arrangements can be especially strenuous to not only the resident, but their families and guardians as well.

By extending the required eviction notice from 30 to 60 days under Senate Bill 155, more can be done to ease the worries of residents and their loved ones, and lessen the disruptions on their daily routine, as they prepare to move into a new facility. I want to thank my Senate colleagues for supporting this effort to address a serious issue facing our seniors.”

Senate Bill 155 raises the required minimum eviction notice period in nursing homes and assisted living centers from the currently-prescribed 30 days to 60 days. Under this bill, facilities and managed care organizations would be required to notify residents and their families or legal guardians of any evictions at least 60 days before they are scheduled to occur.