January 6, 2021

Contact: Senator Robert Cowles: (608) 266-0484

Condemns Events in Washington D.C.

GREEN BAY– Senator Robert Cowles (R-Green Bay) released the following statement regarding the incident at the U.S. Capitol currently unfolding: 

“Ever since the Wisconsin State Capitol was occupied in 2011, I never thought I would see something like that again. But what’s happening today in Washington D.C. takes what we experienced in Wisconsin and has amplified it to inconceivable levels. Calling this anything else besides domestic terrorism would be a mischaracterization. The election has ended, and the continued peddling of conspiracies beyond the pale of rationality has only driven some to a point of chaos that we see today.

“This morning, I joined Josh Dukelow on WHBY to discuss the election and voiced that avenues for appeal have been exhausted and that today would be the next step in the process for President-Elect Biden. But I never imagined what could happen.

“Throughout mid to late 2020, I condemned the rioting that was intended to achieve a political goal that we experienced throughout the country. Today, we’re experiencing some of the same people condemning that rioting now participating in a riot of their own with their own unachievable political goal. The right to protest is sacred in our country, but citizens don’t have the right to intimidate or use violence as a means to an end. The President must tell those involved with this act of domestic terrorism that it’s over and to stop before more people get hurt.”