November 23, 2020

Contact: Senator Robert Cowles: (608) 266-0484

Cowles Continues to Encourage Wisconsinites to Step-Up and Fight COVID-19 Spread

GREEN BAY– Senator Robert Cowles (R-Green Bay) released the following statement as Wisconsin passed the 3,000 resident fatality mark on Saturday, November 21st, to encourage Wisconsinites to join the fight and prevent further suffering and death: 

“After passing the 2,000 death mark from COVID-19 in Wisconsin as we entered November, it was hard to fathom what would come next. It only took Wisconsin roughly three-weeks to record another 1,000 deaths. Since March, that’s 3,000-plus families that are forever impacted, and with unsustainably high daily case counts, it’s going to get worse. In the four counties of the 2nd Senate District, we’ve been hit worse than many other parts of the state. 361 residents have passed from this retched virus in my district, totaling 12.0% of the state’s total fatalities despite only having 9.4% of the state’s population.

“In this pandemic, all suffering and loss wasn’t unfortunately going to be able to be prevented. But with action from Wisconsinites, all Wisconsinites, we can help to limit the further toll that COVID-19 is taking on our state. Please wear a mask, socially distance, practice good hygiene, frequently disinfect commonly-touched surfaces, avoid gatherings, limit trips outside of the home, choose takeout when possible, and isolate, notify close contacts and seek a test if you’re under the weather or have had exposure. Our hospitals are in crisis mode. Most everyone knows someone on the frontlines of this pandemic. From the personal stories I’ve heard and credible reports coming from hospital officials, it’s clear that the need for increased individual responsibility to follow spread prevention steps has never been greater.

“Individual responsibility is the best way to get this outbreak under control, and I’ve been actively pushing responsibility and prevention steps since mid-March through my social media pages, e-newsletters, and press releases. From wearing a mask to isolating when necessary, these steps must be practiced in unison to have the greatest impact. While you may not fear COVID-19, the level of infection spreading in our communities is evidence that others may suffer the consequences from irresponsible actions. Individuals not only have the ability, but we have the responsibility to help preserve the capacity of our hospitals, the health of our neighbors, and the strength of our communities and economy. Small steps can go a long way.”