March 15, 2016

Sen. Cowles Recycling Bill Clears Final Legislative Hurdle - Restores $3 Million to Local Governments

MADISON- Senator Robert Cowles (R-Green Bay) issued the following statement on the Senate passage of his Local Recycling Assistance legislation which would restore $3 million in segregated funding for recycling grants in the state:

“It is important to be fiscally prudent with our state’s tax dollars, but understand that recycling grants in the state are not funded with general tax dollars, recycling grants are funded with tipping fees. These fees are assessed on waste that is landfilled in the state. Tipping fees are projected to generate $47 million each year of the biennium. These fees should be utilized for waste reduction programs like recycling.”

Wisconsin’s recycling law is mandatory and local responsible units of government are required to deliver recycling services to residents. The 2015-2017 budget cut $4 million from the recycling grant program. Without supplemental grant funding, responsible units may be forced to shift tax dollars from other local services to fund recycling and collection services or reduce the amount or frequency of services provided.

“I am happy to return a good portion of the funding cut in the last budget to the recycling program for grants to local responsible units. Recycling costs continue to rise and communities shouldn’t be forced to curtail services due to a decrease in grant funding. Our state recycling program helps to extend the useful life of our landfills and supports many jobs as an important service industry,” Cowles stated.

This bipartisan bill was authored by Senator Cowles and Representative Tittl (R – Manitowoc).