June 9, 2016

More than 91,000 jobs available on
Job seekers should take advantage of the this great resource to find jobs

GREEN BAY- Just this week, State Senator Rob Cowles (R-Green Bay) toured the Green Bay Job Center, met with Job Center staff and clients, and attended an update seminar on the new website.

“Right now, there are over 91,000 jobs available for hire in Wisconsin! There are lots of job openings in the manufacturing, retail, and health service industries, among tons of other industry sectors. Job seekers are able to connect with directly with the employers through the website. I hope people will take advantage of this great resource and that it will help to drive job hirings around the state to fill the jobs that are available today,” said Senator Cowles, co-author of the legislation to create the Wisconsin Fast Forward program and reform the website (2013 Wisconsin Act 9).

The new, revamped website is available to employers and job seekers at no cost, 24 hours-a-day. The site offers vastly improved usability to foster better site engagement. The improved tools can now target in-demand careers and connect employers with job seekers who have skills necessary to fill their openings. The website utilizes new advanced skills matching features and integrates labor market information to allow both employers and job seekers to make more informed employment decisions.

“This website is changing the way people are looking for jobs in Wisconsin. We are identifying a workers’ skills, connecting them with jobs where they can utilize those skill sets, or get connected to job training programs, and providing a high-tech, mobile-friendly, one-stop for job hunting. The new features of the site are giving Wisconsin an upper hand in connecting employers with employees and filling vacant positions. This new site is serving as a model around the country as other states are working to emulate this great resource. If you are searching for a job or just curious what is out there, I strongly encourage you to visit the site and create a profile,” stated Cowles.