February 9, 2016


Bill Paves way for Titletown District

MADISON-Assembly Bill 612, which modifies certain aspects of the liquor license quota system and creates new liquor license quota exceptions was passed in the Senate with a unanimous vote, the bill now awaits the Governor’s signature to become law. This bill was crafted in order to promote economic development where opportunities exist while preserving the value of already issued liquor licenses.

Recently, the Green Bay Packers announced plans to develop the Titletown District, a $130 million commercial development west of Lambeau Field. The development will include restaurants, hotels and other retail and commercial establishments. Unfortunately, Ashwaubenon has no available “Class B” liquor licenses for future tenants in the district who would not qualify for a liquor license exemption.

“The Titletown District and other economic and tourism development opportunities around the state will help to drive more money into our local economies and open new businesses in our communities. This bill will increase tourism and create new jobs, while revitalizing areas around the state. I wish to thank my colleagues for supporting this legislation and offer an invitation to them to visit the new Titletown District upon its completion,” said Senator Cowles (R-Green Bay) upon the bill’s passage.

AB 612 allows a municipality to create a Premier Economic Development District, which allows a municipality to issue two new “Class B” licenses outside of the quota system. Additionally, the bill allows a municipality to transfer up to three of its unused “Class B” licenses to a neighboring municipality. This offers two solutions to Ashwaubenon and other municipalities across the state who may find themselves in a similar positions.

The Green Bay Packers organization was in support of the legislation.