The LRB drafts all proposed constitutional amendments and electronically publishes constitutional amendments after first consideration by the legislature. The LRB also publishes an authoritative version of the Wisconsin Constitution, both in print and online. This version appears on the Wisconsin Legislature’s website, in the volumes of the Wisconsin Statutes and Annotations, and in the Blue Book. The Wisconsin Constitution was ratified by the Wisconsin territorial electorate in 1848 and remains the framework for Wisconsin state and local governments. The Wisconsin Constitution of 1848 is one of the oldest constitutions still in force in the United States, a testament to the vision and wisdom of Wisconsin’s founders. Many of its key provisions remain as originally drafted, while others have been amended to address changing historical circumstances, and still more have been created to address concerns not considered by the founders.

LRB attorneys and analysts are available to conduct research and draft language for proposed amendments to the Wisconsin Constitution. LRB attorneys can assist legislators in determining whether a constitutional amendment is required to achieve a public policy goal, suggesting proposed constitutional text, and gauging the effects of proposed constitutional amendments. The LRB serves as a clearinghouse for information and publications related to the Wisconsin Constitution. Reading the Constitution is a series of essays by LRB attorneys on key provisions of the Wisconsin Constitution.