The Legislative Audit Bureau participates actively in organizations such as the National State Auditors Association (NSAA) and the National Legislative Program Evaluation Society (NLPES), which is a staff section of the National Conference of State Legislatures. The performance evaluation work of the Bureau receives frequent national attention through Certificate of Impact awards, which are presented by NLPES in recognition of audit results such as:

  • dollar savings resulting from implementation of audit recommendations;
  • program improvements resulting from implementation of audit recommendations; and
  • changes in statutes or funding based on audit findings and recommendations.

Since 2000, the Bureau has received a Certificate of Impact for the following audit reports: 


Impact Awards
2021 Unemployment Insurance Call Centers (Report 20-13)
2020 Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (Report 19-6)
2019 Electronics and Information Technology Manufacturing Zone Program (Report 18-18)
2018 State Highway Program (Report 17-2)
2017 Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (Report 15-3)
2016 Government Accountability Board (Report 14-14)
2015 Supervised Release Placements and Expenditures (Report 13-12)
2014 Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (Report 13-7)
2013 FoodShare Wisconsin (Report 12-8)
2011 Child Care Regulation (Report 09-15)
2010 Wisconsin Shares Child Care Subsidy Program (letter report)
2009 Information Technology Projects (Report 07-5)
2008 State Economic Development Programs (Report 06-9)
2007 Milwaukee County Child Welfare—Program Issues (Report 06-1)
2006 Voter Registration (Report 05-12)
2004 Major Highway Program (Report 03-13)
2003 Milwaukee County (Report 02-16)
2000 Division of Intercollegiate Athletics—University of Wisconsin- Madison (Report 99-18)