In a hearing, the Joint Legislative Audit Committee may direct the Legislative Audit Bureau to conduct audits and evaluations, receive and review reports issued by the Bureau, and may introduce legislation pertaining to Bureau recommendations.

Public hearings before the Committee typically follow a standard process, although the specific agenda for each hearing is at the discretion of the Committee Co-chairpersons. Public hearings concerning audit reports released by the Bureau begin with a brief summary presentation by the State Auditor and Bureau staff. The State Auditor then responds to questions from committee members. The State Auditor’s presentation is followed by an appearance by the head of the agency that was subject to the audit. The agency head makes a brief presentation about the audit findings and discusses the agency’s response to the audit recommendations. After committee members ask questions of the agency head, the Committee opens the hearing to members of the public and interested organizations who wish to testify on the audit findings and recommendations.

In a public hearing, anyone may testify by registering his/her request with the committee clerk by filling out a “hearing slip,” which is available from the legislative page staff in the hearing room.