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Passed Legislation

Featured legislation authored by Jesse James

Read the stories behind some of the signed bills authored by Jesse James during his time in the Legislature. 


Last Name Change

2021 WI Act 182, The "4" Bill, allows a parent to change the last name of their child without the consent of the other parent when that individual has been convicted of certain heinous crimes. This bill was inspired by real constituents who came to Jesse advocating for the best interests of children who had been deeply affected by the reputation of their parent's actions.



Fentanyl Testing Strips

2022 WI Act 180 legalized fentanyl testing strips, which were previously considered drug paraphernalia. Fentanyl is an odorless, tasteless synthetic opioid and has become the leading killer of people aged 18-45. Fentanyl testing strips are inexpensive, disposable paper tests that can identify fentanyl in any liquefied substance.

Right: WI moms Michelle and Sharon, who lost their children Cade and Erin to lethal fentanyl poisoning and advocate for fentanyl awareness and change.



School Emergency Mapping

This bill, 2022 Wisconsin Act 109, created a grant program for schools to map out their campuses in partnership with local law enforcement. These updated maps provide first responders with information about where to enter in the event of an emergency.

In total, 96 schools in Wisconsin benefitted from the grant, including four in the 23rd Senate District.



Mental Health Expansion

This item, authored with Senator Kathy Bernier and included in the 2021-2023 state budget, awarded $15 million to local hospitals for much-needed psychiatric bed expansions in the Chippewa Valley.

This project is currently underway at HSHS St. Joseph's hospital. Part of the expansion will be dedicated to juvenile treatment.



9/11 School Observance

Under state law, certain days are designated for the observance of events or persons in Wisconsin schools. 2021 Wisconsin Act 213 designates September 11, as the day to “remember the attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001, and to honor law enforcement officers and firefighters.”

As a police officer and proud American, Jesse was proud to implement this legislation so that the coming generations will remember and learn about the events of 9/11.



Becca's Bill

Jesse calls 2021 WI Act 54 "Becca's Bill" because it was inspired by a local law enforcement officer. Becca was working as a public safety officer when she was exposed to a bodily substance and had to undergo testing.

Also known as "The Spit Bill", this legislation allows judges to order an individual in custody to undergo testing for the presence of diseases and infections.



Catalytic Converter Theft

WI Act 189, coauthored with Rep. Clint Moses, regulates scrap dealer purchases of catalytic converters. The bill requires a scrap metal dealer to check a metal seller's ID and ownership of certain items (including catalytic converters), and to maintain records about these transactions.

This bill was a response and solution for the swath of catalytic converter thefts happening around the state.