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Our Environment


Environmental health factors into so many parts of our lives, it influences our personal health, our economy, public safety and more.

I am very proud of the work the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District has accomplished during my term as a board member to revitalize the Milwaukee Harbor and the Kinnickinnic River watershed. MMSD will be restoring the natural landscape to the river in Pulaski, Jackson, and Wilson Parks, as well as the river between 6th and 16th Streets. This will reduce flooding and pollution, while enhancing these parks' natural beauty and infrastructure. Stop by Pulaski Park to see what one of these projects looks like as it nears completion!

I supported Senate Bill 425, which allows MMSD to finance and construct a dredged materials management facility. I'm happy to report this was signed into law by Governor Evers, greenlighting a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to remove polluted sediments, dating back to the 1800's, and create a much cleaner estuary. This will improve environmental quality for all locals and visitors, and add to the ongoing momentum for new housing, offices, and other developments in the Harbor District.

I am supporting policies this session to clean up PFAS ("forever chemicals" that do not break down in the environment or our bodies), and support ratepayers when disputes come before the Public Service Commission. I will continue to support state efforts to remove and replace all lead water lines. Fully solving this problem must be made a priority. The health of our children and our community depends on it.

  • Multiple conservation Champion recognitions by the League of Conservation Voters
  • Past recipient of several Clean 16 Awards from the Environmental Decade (Clean Wisconsin)
  • Member of the Sierra Club