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Jobs and the Economy

It has been very inspiring to see the development boom that is taking place across our region. Areas like the Harbor District are seeing a huge influx of jobs and economic growth, thanks in no small part to projects revitalizing our harbor and rivers.

On the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation Board of Directors, I work to keep our focus on programs that benefit all Wisconsinites, not just big businesses that can rub elbows in Madison. Initiatives to help small businesses and households recover from the economic effects of COVID-19 are my focus as a board member.

I also keep a close eye on oversold projects like Foxconn, and was very happy to see the tax credits that they will be receiving from the state have been right-sized through negotiations with Governor Evers and the WEDC Board. We are no longer going to be paying $219,000 per job. Other provisions of the original deal will require legislative action to address, such as Foxconn's environmental permitting exemption, water diversion from Lake Michigan, and special legal status. I am working to end these special provisions, and bring Foxconn in line with other businesses operating in our state.

Finally, I continue to monitor the state of city and county revenue. I am keeping an eye on the economic report from Wisconsin Policy forum and Center for Research on the Wisconsin Economy, so I can understand various proposals and potential solutions to issues related to revenue and taxation to help our region grow while making wise use of taxpayer dollars.