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Healthcare is one of the most important issues at the State Capitol. Policies to make pharmacies, clinics and medicine more accessible, as well as workforce developments to address the shortages of physicians, nurses, and other healthcare personnel will continue to be crucial topics with each new session.

I support expanding Medicaid (BadgerCare) in Wisconsin. Expanding this program in line with the Affordable Care Act, would cover another 90,000 Wisconsinites. By refusing to do this, our state has left billions of dollars on the table over the years.

I was a member of Governor Tony Evers' Task Force on Reducing Prescription Drug Prices. I'm co-sponsoring legislation that would prevent insurance companies from restricting patients' choice of which pharmacies they use to get their medicine, and I was a co-sponsor on Senate Bill 3, which has been signed into law. This legislation requires the licensing and regulation of pharmacy benefit managers and removes a gag clause that prevented pharmacists from helping patients get the best price for their prescriptions.

Removing lean and other toxins from our infrastructure and environment will continue to be one of my priorities. I strongly support local use of federal funds for lead abatement, and the federal Lead Pipe and Pain Action Plan put in place by President Biden and Vice President Harris. I will continue to work at the state level to reach solutions to get lead out of our homes, schools, and workplaces.

Other policies that I am working on will make the healthcare marketplace more accessible for small clinics and providers so that they can provide care in underserved areas. I am very proud to have received the Wisconsin Primary Health Care Association's State Grant Champion Award for my work in securing funding for our state's Community Health Centers, like the Sixteenth Street Community Health Center in our district.