final welcome

Thank you for your interest in our state legislature. As the State Representative for the 66th Assembly District, I am excited to introduce myself and begin a conversation about how I can best serve you and the people of Racine.

I believe in transparent and accountable government. This page is meant to give you greater access to me and information about what I have been doing as your State Representative. Here, you will find updates on current projects, press releases, and recent news coverage. There are resources showing how to get in touch with me (phone, mail, e-mail, Facebook, and Twitter) and how my office can help you and your family.

I believe in the power of a strong, informed, and involved electorate. Our democracy only functions when our legislators listen to the people in our communities. I host monthly public events, from issue-based town halls to open office hours around Racine, where you can drop in and have a chat with me over a cup of coffee. I look forward to our conversations -- when we take the time to talk and collaborate, we can work together to build a better, brighter future for Wisconsin.

And I believe in Racine. I was born and raised in Racine, and I’m proud to call this community home. We have a history of strong, shared values. We invest in our children and our community. In Racine, we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to receive a good education, and support themselves and their families through meaningful work. Together, we can continue this tradition.

Hope to see you at Pancake Day or around Racine soon!

Greta Neubauer

66th Assembly District