• Committee Vote Requires UW System to Follow State Law JCRAR voted to require the UW System to promulgate rules for COVID policies on campus. The administrative rule-making process exists for a reason. Rules have the same impact as law and the process exists to promote fairness, transparency and accountability.
    • Announcement Regarding Election Investigation It has become clear that a top-to-bottom election investigation will take longer than initially anticipated and require more manpower to complete. Justice Gableman has been named Special Counsel with authority to hire more full-time investigators who will work at his discretion.
    • Statement on Governor's Political Special Session Call The special session call is nothing but political posturing. A few weeks ago, the governor supported the K-12 budget that Republicans put on his desk. We increased special education funding to the highest dollar levels ever and doubled investments in mental health. He had no choice but to accept it.
    • Statement from Legislative Leaders on Opioid Settlement Agreement Wisconsin could receive up to $400 million as part of a national settlement stemming from the opioid crisis. We're encouraged to see our bipartisan legislation facilitating the quick delivery of funds to the front lines of prevention & mitigation efforts.
    • Governor Waits 500 Days to Take Action to Help State’s Workforce Recover The governor finally connected the dots and acknowledged the workforce crisis in our state. Since his one-size-fits-all emergency order, employers have struggled for over a year to stay open and find workers. Now, 500 days later, he finally acknowledges the dire challenges small businesses face.


Prior to the pandemic, Assembly Republicans knew that expanding broadband was a top priority. This infrastructure is critical for how we live, work, learn and even visit with our healthcare providers.


Rep. Alex Dallman (R-Green Lake) highlights the significance of the tourism industry and why getting it back on its feet is so important

The governor vetoed a bipartisan effort to repeal the outdated Personal Property Tax. Every dollar a small business can save is critical to them & their employees as they continue to recover from the pandemic.