Two Bills Authored by Rep. Dallman Pass the State Assembly

 Madison, WI --- Today, Assembly Bill 514 and Assembly Bill 574, two bills authored by State Representative Alex Dallman (R-Green Lake) passed the Wisconsin State Assembly.

Currently in Wisconsin, design professionals who contract with public entities for projects are typically asked to compensate and defend public entities against claims or losses that the design professionals did not cause or were beyond their control. This has given design professionals an ultimatum when contracting with some public entities. AB 514 will continue to hold design professionals accountable for their own failure and mistakes, but would get rid of the unfair requirements that public entities include in their contracts.

AB 574 will allow employers in Wisconsin to pay their employees differently other than the standard bi-weekly paycheck. Many employees across the state have to wait every two weeks, or even a month, to get paid for hours they worked previously. Under this bill, employees can get paid for hours worked, as they work them. This bill will establish regulations when it comes to earned wage access services and will allow employers to pay their employees for earned, unpaid wages. This is a similar bill that has been passed in states like Nevada and Missouri and will give employers the ability to better retain workers and provide their employees faster pay for work completed.

“I continue to work to help the citizens of Wisconsin find better ways to control their hard-earned money and rely less on debt and loans,” said Representative Dallman. “I appreciate the opportunity to have been able to lead on these two bills which return fairness and responsibility back into the hands of the people. I hope to see this momentum carry over to the State Senate floor in the coming weeks.”


State Representative Alex Dallman was re-elected in November 2022 to serve a second term for Wisconsin's 41st Assembly District which includes parts of Green Lake, Marquette, Adams, Columbia, Sauk, and Waushara counties. Representative Dallman currently serves as a member of the powerful Joint Committee on Finance.