Rep. Dallman Votes for Election Reforms

Madison, WI --- State Representative Alex Dallman (R-Green Lake) joined his Assembly colleagues in passing a slate of bill that will work to ensure Wisconsin’s elections are free, fair, transparent, and trustworthy.

“It is extremely important to the citizens of Wisconsin that our elections are fair and transparent,” said Representative Dallman. “Voting in the United States is a constitutional right and we must do everything in our power to protect that.”

This legislative package includes bills that work to eliminate late-night ballot dumps, require all indefinitely confined voters to provide identification, prohibit ballot curing by election officials, implement text message notification when an absentee ballot is requested and returned, implement additional checks to prevent non-citizens from voting, and protect the integrity of ballots cast by seniors and those residing in assisted living facilities.

Three constitutional amendments were also brought forward and approved by the State Assembly. One of these amendments will be placed on the April ballot and another will be placed on the November ballot of next year for the voters of Wisconsin to approve or deny. Voters in the April election will have the opportunity to outlaw private dollars from influencing the administration of our elections and voters in the November election will have the ability to ensure that only United States, Wisconsin citizens are able to vote in our elections.

“Restoring trust in our elections is of the utmost importance and I am happy to see more progress being made in that area today,” said Representative Dallman. “After years of record numbers of vetoes, I hope that the ink in Governor Evers’ veto pen may have finally run out. I hope he looks past his partisan politics and signs this entire package of election reform bills into law.”


State Representative Alex Dallman was re-elected in November 2022 to serve a second term for Wisconsin's 41st Assembly District which includes parts of Green Lake, Marquette, Adams, Columbia, Sauk, and Waushara counties. Representative Dallman currently serves as a member of the powerful Joint Committee on Finance.