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Hi, I'm Amy Binsfeld

Rep. Binsfeld

As a young girl, I watched my great-grandparents, grandparents, and parents pour their time and energy into the family business and it instilled the pride one can take in hard work. I learned that when you take responsibility for your work, it allows you to feel joy and take pride in helping others.

I was born and raised in Sheboygan County. I grew up with my family in Howards Grove and attended St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church and School, Sheboygan Falls, now located in Howards Grove. I graduated from Manitowoc Lutheran High School in 1995.

Locally, I worked at Bill's Piggly Wiggly during my school years and began my career at my family's business, Bitter Neumann Appliance Furniture Mattress, when I was 19 years old. My focus has been in the Furniture Department, interacting with many great people over the years, from customers to co-workers. I always enjoy meeting new faces and furthering relationships with current customers and employees.

My husband Nick and I were married at St. Paul's in July 2002. We started our life together in Sheboygan Falls, where I had lived prior to marriage. After a few months, we purchased our first home together and moved to Plymouth. It is a great community of which to be a part. We had our first child Alyssa while there. In time, we decided to build a home and purchased a lot in the Town of Mosel, which was closer to our church and my family. In February 2008, we made the move, and come May, we welcomed our son Logan. Nick and I both pride ourselves on being extremely hard workers as well as Christian parents and active members of our church. Nick works for the Department of Public Works with the City of Sheboygan, where he has been for several years.

For years, I have had an interest in politics. I even told Representative Kestell, while visiting him in Madison years ago, that someday I would be in his office representing our community. With this vision and the support of my husband and family, I returned to school and received my paralegal degree in 2012. I graduated with Presidential Honors and as a member of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society.

And after working 24 years in the family business serving the local community, it is time for me to act. I want to be your voice in the 27th District! Often we feel no one is listening, and I want people to know that I will listen and take those thoughts to Madison to see what can be done for the people right here. This election has promise and opportunity for someone from a non-political background to look out for the working class. I want to bring God, family and the United States Constitution back into our homes and schools and move the state forward with integrity.

I feel strongly that our 27th District must continue to: build on the family values that have been so strong in our communities; encourage Christian values in the home; provide solid education to our youth by providing school choice for those who seek it; and ensure that are all able to make their own healthcare decisions for theirĀ ownĀ bodies and not fall into a one-size-fits-all approach to medicine. We need to make sure that just as we live on personal budgets that make sense, so must the government in Madison.