Constituent Services


My favorite part of being an elected official is having the opportunity to meet individuals in my local community, and to hear what is on their mind. It is the absolute most important role of being a representative-to listen to those that I represent: YOU. You are a citizen and taxpayer of Wisconsin, and you have a constitutional right to have your voice heard. Here are a few ways that I can help:


State Agencies

Navigating through government bureaucratic red tape can often be frustrating and take time; this legislature is constantly reviewing government regulation to ensure that new efficiencies are being pursued. That being said, even efficient systems can be troublesome at times, so I encourage you to contact me if you are having difficulty with a state agency and I will do my best to help with any questions you may have. Additionally, if you have ideas for streamlining government processes, I hope you'll contact me with those too!

Voice Your Opinion

Over one thousand bills are introduced each legislative session; that's a lot to keep track of! If you have thoughts on a bill that has been proposed, or on any topic in general, please feel welcome to share your thoughts, questions or concerns with me-really, I want to hear them! 

If you are curious about a particular topic, or want to keep tabs on a certain proposal, I encourage you to use the legislature's Notification ServiceThis is a pretty neat little feature of the Wisconsin Legislature's website, which is a simple way to remain informed about topics that matter most to you. All that it requires is an e-mail address where you'd like to receive the notifications. If you have questions regarding this service, or need help setting it up, go ahead and send me an e-mail and I will help to the best of my abilities!

Capitol Tours

Our State Capitol building in Madison is, in my opinion, the best in the nation.  It has a rich history and a unique beauty that I encourage everyone to experience on a guided tour.  Click here to visit the official tour site for the Capitol building.  If you are in the area please stop by my office, Room 306 East-I'd love to meet you!

Citations from the State Legislature

Events such as Eagle Scout Court of Honor ceremonies, anniversaries and milestone birthdays are a big deal! I would be thrilled to recognize these events and join in the celebration with you, your family and community. If you or loved one have an important life event coming up that you would like recognized by the legislature, please let me know some details so that I can prepare a citation for it.

Flags, Blue Books, and more!

There are a number of fun published materials and other products that the state makes available to citizens:

The official State of Wisconsin Blue Book is a book that is published every legislative session with all things state related. You can read about the state bird, dog, flower, etc.; elected officials; cenus data; government processes; and other important information in it. These are free to the public through legislative offices! I have Blue Books from each of my terms in office that I would be happy to provide to you-just reach out and let me know you'd like one. 

State highway maps are also available for free through legislative offices. With technology now-a-days physical maps are harder and harder to find, but these maps are a great resource to keep in the glove compartment! 

Separately from the Blue Books, the state also publishes informational materials such as the Citizen's Guide to the LegislatureState Budget ProcessHow a Bill Becomes a Law; Bed and Breakfast Directory; State Parks Guide; Arts and Crafts Fair Directory; Lodging Directory; Spring/Summer Events Guide and Campground Directory. Many of the guides and directories can also be found online through the Department of Tourism websiteotherwise my office is happy to have a hard copy printed for you!

Lastly, my office can provide a US or Wisconsin Flag. If you wish to have a flag, please contact me and I will help you get one. 

If there are other ways that my office can assist that aren't listed here, please don't hesitate to call or email!