• Ed Brooks: Rural Wisconsin's best days are still ahead It isn’t easy, but after 10 years representing the 50th Assembly District in Richland, Sauk, Juneau and Monroe counties, I’ve decided to step aside.
    • Study Committee on Minor Guardianship Aims to Advocate for Vulnerable Kids Not long ago, a constituent came to me with a problem regarding her niece, our state’s minor guardianship laws and statutes, and the potential for this child to be put back into an abusive and neglectful situation.
    • Welfare Reform Package Becomes Law We’re helping move more people off of government assistance and into the world of work. These new laws promote accountability, encourage personal responsibility and prevent fraud and abuse.
    • Signing of School Safety Bills The School Safety package invests $100 million in grants for schools to upgrade building security, creates an Office of School Safety within the Wisconsin Department of Justice, allows grant funding to implement Trauma-Informed Care & Adverse Childhood Experiences in Schools and requires reporting.
    • Assembly Republicans Reform Correctional System This legislation is common sense, as it incentivizes people to cooperate with the parole agents and regulations, as an avenue for potential expungement. This type of criminal justice modernization and reform is exactly what Wisconsin needs.