• Auditors Identify Potential Savings in the State Highway Program “These findings are a roadmap for improvement,” said Representative Samantha Kerkman (R-Salem). “The potential savings were significant and a missed opportunity. Going forward, the DOT must prioritize giving taxpayers the biggest bang for our transportation buck.”
  • Assembly Republicans Join the Fight against Unfunded Federal Mandates “Our goal is to plainly illustrate that these widespread mandates run up a huge tab on local governments and the private sector,” said Speaker Vos. “Unfortunately, taxpayers end up footing the bill.”
  • United Assembly Republican Caucus Announces Framework for a Transportation Solution and Tax Relief "The GOP legislators are calling for at least $300 million in tax relief and reforms coupled with transportation cost savings, reforms and a corresponding increase in transportation revenue to address the long-term solvency in the transportation fund."
  • Speaker Statement on the State of the State Address “The state of the state is great and should make everyone proud. We have so much to brag about: our economy is strong, more people are working than ever before, we have excellent schools and Wisconsin is simply an amazing place to call home."
  • Rep. Steffen Introduces Blue Lives Matter Legislation "I am excited to begin this new session by introducing a proposal that strongly echoes Wisconsin’s dedication to protecting and supporting our law enforcement officers. I am confident that this proposal, which has garnered bipartisan support in other states, will similarly resonate with residents across our state."
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