Here are my top legislative priorities while representing our district:

Jobs & Economy

I have been dedicated to protecting the middle class worker since my time in office. Much of my efforts have gone to blocking employment discrimination. I support labor unions and I support the increase of minimum wages to a living wage. I believe to have a strong economy and a strong quality of life we need to support people through legislation that protects them and gives them the economic means to succeed.

K-12 Education

I began my career through the Board of Education and this will always be one of my top priorities as a representative. I stand with the public school system. It is something that should be valued over voucher programs that weaken funding. I believe that every student should feel safe on school grounds, meaning concealed carry should never be allowed. Students should have access to the best teachers available. As a result I do my best to protect the rights and employment of teachers, especially for the Milwaukee school district. Education is necessary for a successful future generation and I support that. 

Women's Rights

I stand with a woman’s right to choose, I stand with equal pay, and I stand with equal opportunity. Every women should have the ability to choose their own medical care. Every woman should have the same access to an equal income as a man.

Environmental Protection

Protecting the environment is of the utmost importance to me. I believe in legislation that keeps us from damaging our lakes and waterways. I also support clean energy and energy standards. Renewable energy has the potential to reduce pollution, create new industries and jobs and move Wisconsin toward a cleaner, healthier energy efficient future. We only have one environment and it is our responsible to pass it on for future generations in the best condition possible.


The Veterans of Wisconsin deserve to be repaid in any way the state can for their service to our country. Programs that support reemployment, health services, and benefits for veterans are vital. It is not something we should do, it is something we must do.